Year 8 Revision Resources

Below are a list of the topics studied in Year 7 with attached word files of past exam questions and answers.

Introduction to Science

Separation Techniques Higher Questions

Separation Techniques Higher Marks

Separation Techniques Foundation Questions

Separation Techniques Foundation Marks

Chemical Reactions Higher Questions

Chemical Reactions Higher Marks

Chemical Reactions Foundation Questions

Chemical Reactions Foundation Marks

Infinity and Beyond Topic

Space Higher Questions

Space Foundation Questions

Life Topic

Classification Higher Questions

Classification Higher Marks

Classification Foundation Questions

Classification Foundation Marks

Particles Matter 1 Topic

Particles Higher Questions

Particles Higher Marks

Particles Foundation Questions

Particles Foundation Marks

Potions Topic

Acids and Alkali Higher Questions

Acids and Alkalis Foundation Questions

Reproduction Topic

Reproduction Higher Questions

Reproduction Higher Marks

Reproduction Foundation Questions

Reproduction Foundation Marks